Fishing Game Machine Introduction

1. In our fishing, usually found in the turret around some very slow swimming fish, lanterns, demons, turtles have, those basically are all for you to send points, as long as the adjustment angle and level of continuous dozen, basically can be won.

2. When you turn the turret to a basic 45 degree angle, you can usually see some fish that go straight to your turret, the speed of these fish, encounter this kind of fish, I usually take the shot, often is 2 level and three shells of the bursts, fishing on both sides, but also to switch around the attack, especially when playing devil fish, remember! Shells must first catch the outer wings of the fishing, and then switch to the left side, batter, high hit rate.

3. From the left side of the turret of the lantern fish, around your turret very close to the turtle swimming, as far as possible not to waste shells, the hit rate is very low, from the left side of the turret suddenly sharks, if you usually like to use three-level dozen, if you see such a shark, first with a three-level dozen, and then suddenly raise the level A, bursts two, the turret position must be in the 45 degree angle, chasing the shark before and after the fin, if the 2 rounds of shells still uncertain, do not waste shells

4. At the time of the turtle close to the turret, first with the usual dozen shells, and then suddenly upgrade, and then dozen, dozen turtle neck, limbs and tail, the hit rate will be much higher.