Slot Machine Computer Board type

To modify the program must understand the computer board system structure, by type can be summed into the following categories:

1, no screen display game consoles, such as turning lights, Apple, five tiger, tumbler, traffic knowledge, Snow Leopard, happy paradise Island and so on. With electromechanical transmission system 777 machine, cash cow, pinball machine, Doll machine class.

2, there are screen image display game consoles, all arcade computer board, such as adult rides horse racing machine, poker machine, Mahjong machine and other categories.

3, Personal computer animal park games, such as bingo, beer machine, and so on, with a 486 microcomputer additional special peripheral blowing table, a number of terminals and other components, software is mainly written in high-level languages.

4, CD-ROM machine plus arcade converter composed of arcade game consoles.