The appearance of fishing game machine

1, fishing game consoles have a large machine, wide space, so that players play more comfortable. Its appearance design is quite successful, those who always complain that the appearance of their own brand-name serious plagiarism, no innovative spirit in the "fishing talent" can shut up;

2, the button, the coin mouth at a glance, let a person refreshing;

3, the control direction of the rocker using HIGH-STRENGTH Engineering Plastics manufacturing, very high strength, gorgeous crystal ball design, dynamic and stylish. The length is moderate, according to the small plait experience, the hand feels very good. The player can control the direction by swinging up, down, left and right, aiming the target to launch;

4, the control direction of the rocker beside a "cannon strengthen" and "Cannon" button, tapping "Cannon" button, can be fired to the front of the network cannon, tapping the "Cannon strengthen" button, you can increase the power of the cannon, the maximum can be strengthened to 5 times times. After capturing the fish, they will exit the token directly, the player throws the coin, the rocker rotates the transmitter, the target clap the key to launch, the different fish, the capture difficulty is different, the reward value which obtains after the capture is also different. The transmitter can be 1-5 times as powerful as the add-bet key.