The control principle of roulette machine

First, the use of electromagnetic control (compared to early technology) mainly using electromagnetic iron to control the ball drop position.

Second, the use of wind control, is the extension of pressure points, there is a data line to the state of pressure distribution to the mainframe, then the host according to the pressure of the situation, the blowing time appropriate delay (the premise is the speed and speed of the speed is constant, is not variable) and then in the out of the place there is a pipe, in a certain number of times the forced blowing, to achieve control purposes.

Third, the use of intelligent control, but also the use of data lines into the pressure data, and then the host based on the data to calculate the ball number. The use of collision control (this technique is the use of the current theory of satellite recovery) below I will give you a detailed introduction, I install the roulette machine program formation time to introduce:

(1) The first is magnetic control: This control is relatively primitive, about 4 years ago, there are two specific methods, one is to replace the disk and special ferrite ball, the appearance of the disc is the same as the ordinary plate, but inside each ball there is an electromagnetic coil, carbon brush under the plate, a carbon brush to add about 80 volts to the coil, and then observe the guest pressure. Remote control with remote control, can be remote control large, small, single, double. Four (remote control receiver in the disk) but when the effect of external forces on the accuracy of the time can not be answered, the other is to put a few hit points under the electromagnet installed, to carry out regional control. The principle is similar to the previous this kind of control method has already eliminated, its advantage is the price is comparatively cheap, control single pair compares quasi, other bad, the disadvantage is the control is blunt, the fault is many, (if the remote control by the occupation old thousand uses the anti-remote control to copy, may cause the boss to lose money) must see the Easy to make guests feel, so do not recommend using.

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