The method of fishing game machine

1, the player put the game currency into the slot, move shake the lever, can operate the cannon's left and right movement, pat the launch key, can forward the network cannon, Pat the launch key, will be able to increase the cannon's power, the maximum can be strengthened to 5 times times.

After capturing the fish, they will exit the tokens or lottery tickets directly. The bigger the fish, the more the lottery.

2, three and four shells for the best:

Play Devil fish, devil fish swim like a bird two very big fish fin a piece of a close, close the time to send more shells also useless, such as open, fishing fin under both sides, generally two hair can be fished.

Playing lantern fish, playing lantern fish's head and tail is not working, is playing lantern fish gills part, almost people's ribs near.

Dozen turtle, head and tortoise shell can not break, limbs and tail is its soft rib, fight turtle from behind and flank attack good.

Dozen sharks, head, body, tail can not break, the main fishing gills, fore and aft fin, as far as possible upgrade to four-level shells.

No matter what fish, we are in the fishing, we must remember that shells as far as possible with the fish firing, as far as possible to avoid the shooting and chasing, if the need to meet and shoot, as far as possible on both sides of the fishing, 2-3 times the best.