Important Events Notice

Express In Peak Period Of The Year, May Affect Your Date To Receive Your Samples

  As the peak period of every year in international trading field, there so many goods wainting to be expressed from China to all over the world, it may need more day to book the fleight in advance.

  Some of our customers have had more than 7 days later received their sample order than usual time, as the busiest period of material tranfer of the year. Also affected other normal order because of all the suppliers are busy at this time, so it may need more than 10 days to prepare the raw material. As we all living a life on the wheel recently, some sample orders may not have so much time to sort out. so if you are planning to place an order to us, please taking the more than at least 5 days into account and hurry up.

So as not to affect your time and business plan, please reading the notice the news carefully.