The Electromechanical Control Of Video Slot Machine

Electromechanical slot machines, which began in the late 50, were fully replaced by the 60 's until the early 70. By now the electromechanical slot machines are largely invisible, giving way to computer-controlled slots. Including multi-currency play, a number of coin holes, progressive awards and anti-deception protection devices. Without these protective devices, customers can use 120 different ways to get money out of old-fashioned electromechanical slots, especially if the machine is not properly tuned.


The electronic drive part has coin counter, flash, sound generator and so on. and checking, betting on how to get the jackpot still needs to be done manually. If a machine frequently pays some money to the customer and has to fill the funnel many times within a short period of time, then the casino closes the slot machine, is it broken, or is there an illegal device.

Machine slot machines win a large amount of money by the waiter pay customers the highest bonuses of not more than 25 dollars can be won from the machine very little money.