Key Master Video Slot Game Machine

Key Master Video Slot Game Machine
video slot machine, with bill acceptor, key master, coin in & out. all kinds of games for choose.
    Product Details

       Key Master Video Slot Game Machine

      1. Coin operated, key master with the machine; bill accepter for choose.

       2. Double screen display, if the board support jackpot.

       3. Touch screen for choose.

       4. Share jackpot screen for choose with a team.

       5. Voltage can be changed from 110v--250v,

       6. All kinds of plugs for choose,satisfy your demands.

       8. All kinds of game boards for choose,enrich your games.

       9. Main parts with 12 months warranty.

       10. Double 22" screen metal case, 60*80*190cm.

       11. Double 19" screen wooden case, 56*62*170cm.

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